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Signs You Might Need To Call a Damp Specialist To Your Property

Damp in your home can cause many more problems than simply looking bad. From a financial point of view, the presence of damp can decrease the value of your property and make it much harder to sell. From a health point of view, continued exposure to damp and mould can cause respiratory problems. Certain types of mould can even cause death in the vulnerable! If you think you have damp, it’s vital to call a damp specialist immediately. Here are some of the telltale signs you should be aware of before organising a survey from a damp specialist.

A Damp Specialist Can Identify The Type of Damp You Have
There is more than one type of damp and a damp specialist will be able to identify the type which is impacting your home and provide an appropriate response. Both rising damp and penetrating damp can damage your property and health, and the below symptoms may be pointing to its presence in your home.
The Smell
A sure-fire sign that you may have damp in your home is a musty smell. Often compared to the smell of rotting wood or wet socks, you’ll be able to smell the damp in your home before you can see it.
As well as the smell, stains will begin to appear on the walls of your home if damp is present and taking hold. Wallpaper may start peeling, dark patches will appear and you’ll be able to see mould spores popping up around the area.
Crumbling Mortar
If damp has really taken hold on your home, the mortar on the outside of your property may even start crumbling! This is a sign that you must employ a damp specialist to survey your home immediately.
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Are you worried that your home in London may have damp? If so, contact a damp specialist at London Property Preservation today. We provide effective damp-proofing solutions and can identify any work that needs completion. Our services are tailor-made for your requirements.
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