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Is Damp Proofing Expensive?

Unwanted moisture or water infiltrating properties can spell trouble, leading to structural damage if not addressed promptly. This issue is particularly pertinent in the UK due to its climate, where damp-related problems are common and can result in unhealthy and chilly living conditions. If you suspect dampness in your property, seeking assistance from a damp specialist to assess the situation and provide accurate damp-proofing cost estimates is of paramount importance. 

The Role of a Damp Specialist

A damp specialist is a professional well-versed in treating damp issues within structures. Armed with a deep understanding of diverse damp causes, these experts play a pivotal role in assessing the extent of damp problems, pinpointing their root origins, and proposing suitable solutions. In essence, they are instrumental in preventing and mitigating dampness and its associated consequences.

Understanding the Costs

The question of damp proofing costs might appear straightforward, but delving into this topic reveals its complexity. Unlike a one-size-fits-all solution, damp-related property damage varies widely. Differentiating between the cost of a comprehensive damp proofing course installation and addressing minor condensation issues underscores the diversity within the damp proofing industry. Typically, rising damp is the pricier issue due to the extensive work required and specialised materials involved.

If you’re grappling with dampness on your walls, enlisting a professional to conduct a damp survey is imperative. The cost of damp proofing hinges largely on the size of your property and its location. Larger properties demand more comprehensive surveys and consequently incur higher charges than smaller apartments.

Exploring Types of Damp and Their Treatments

Damp can be broadly classified into three categories: condensation, rising damp, and penetrating damp. Each type necessitates distinct treatments and comes with its associated costs.

Condensation Treatment & Estimated Charges

Condensation is perhaps the most prevalent form of dampness, affecting a multitude of homes. This occurs when airborne moisture settles on cold surfaces like walls, floors, ceilings, or windows, resulting in dampness and mould growth. Everyday activities like cooking, showering, boiling kettles, and indoor clothes drying contribute to this issue. It’s more pronounced in colder environments and can often be alleviated through improved ventilation and lifestyle adjustments, making it a relatively inexpensive concern to tackle.

Penetrating Damp Treatment & Estimated Costs

Penetrating damp occurs when exterior water infiltrates homes through damaged roofs, tiles, openings in walls, broken windows, or faulty gutters and pipes. The treatment cost for penetrating damp varies between £400 and £4,000, contingent on the specific problem and any subsequent redecoration requirements. Material selection plays a role in these costs, with specialist products incurring higher expenses.

Rising Damp Treatment & Estimated Costs

Rising damp treatment involves addressing moisture that ascends through porous building materials due to capillary action. Specialists deploy damp-proof courses (DPCs) or injection methods to create barriers preventing moisture rise. This method, while effective, can be expensive, especially in London where costs range from £1000 to £5000 based on the property’s size and the extent of damage.

The Additional Costs

Following damp-proofing procedures, costs often extend to decorations and improvements. Internal walls necessitate damp-proof membranes, which can run up to £70 per metre. For external walls, damp-proof paint can range from £20 to £55 per litre, depending on the paint type.


In conclusion, damp proofing costs vary widely due to the nature of the issue, property size and location. While some cases can be addressed with minor lifestyle changes, others require comprehensive treatments that might run into thousands. To get an accurate estimate, engaging a damp specialist to assess your specific situation is the first step towards ensuring a dry and healthy living environment.

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