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Common Structural Problems That Can Affect Your Property

There’s nothing worse than spotting the first signs of a structural problem in your home, or moving into a new house that isn’t structurally sound. However, recognising common signs means you can stop the problem from progressing into something much bigger, potentially leaving you with a hefty bill.

Read on for a little more information about common structural problem in the home.
Rising damp
When water from the ground rises through the bricks and mortar, it’s soaked up in the same way that a sponge soaks up water in the sink. Generally, the first sign of rising damp is damage to internal walls such as loose wallpaper, tide marks and changes in plaster and paint. To treat rising damp contaminated plaster and skirting boards will need to be removed, so a chemical solution can be injected into the wall.
Despite its name, woodworm is actually a species of wood-eating beetle that normally dwell in wooden furniture, skirting boards and flooring. They tunnel their way in leaving small exit holes and a fine powdery dust. A female beetle will lay her eggs on or under a wooden surface where the larvae will feed on the wood until they hatch as beetles, leaving their birthplace to look for a new place to lay their own eggs. If left untreated woodworm can seriously damage your property’s structure. Small items can usually be treated yourself with spray and tarnishes, however larger infestations will need to be assessed by a professional.
Dry rot
A wood destroying fungus, dry rot has the ability to spread through a number of materials meaning outbreaks can progress quickly and timber is left in a crumbly state. Signs of dry rot include a musty damp smell, appearance of a ‘cotton wool’ type substance and a layer of growth that can be peeled back. To treat dry rot, infected timbers will need to be cutback the beyond the last signs of growth. All fruiting bodies will need to be removed, and infected timber should be replaced with pre-treated timber and a dry rot fluid.
Here at London Property Preservation, we offer the latest and most effective solutions for a range of structural problem that may appear in your home. Our experienced team are well-trained to handle cases big and small, so you can rest assured that our quality workmanship will have brilliant results. Get in touch today for more information.
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