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Kitchen Floor Damp Proofing – Cheam

This project in Cheam involved a customer who had been struggling with persistent dampness on their kitchen floor. This issue had become increasingly concerning as it not only affected the aesthetics of their kitchen but also raised concerns about potential structural damage and safety hazards. The customer sought a lasting solution to this ongoing problem, and we were more than ready to assist.

To tackle the dampness issue effectively, a comprehensive approach was necessary. After a thorough assessment of the situation, it became clear that cutting back the existing wooden flooring and implementing a damp proofing system was the best course of action. This approach would address the source of the dampness and ensure a moisture-resistant foundation for future flooring.

Our experienced team started the project by carefully cutting back the wooden flooring to expose the affected area. Subsequently, we thoroughly laid a damp proof system, ensuring complete coverage and sealing any potential points of water ingress. To prepare the surface for future flooring, we applied a self-leveling compound. This compound not only provided a smooth, even surface but also enhanced the durability of the floor, making it ready for the finishing touch.

Our dedicated team successfully resolved the dampness issue, leaving the kitchen floor in impeccable condition. The floor was no longer plagued by dampness, and the customer could finally envision a beautifully renovated kitchen space. With the self-leveling compound in place, the surface was not only level but also ready for the installation of the customer’s chosen flooring material. Our commitment to delivering effective and lasting solutions left the customer in Cheam with a revitalised kitchen space, free from the dampness that had been a persistent concern.

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