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Damp Proof Course & Waterproof Render – Redhill

This job came to us when a charitable organisation approached us with a pressing issue – a property that had been suffering from severe dampness and structural concerns. Their mission was to create a safe and habitable space, and addressing the dampness was a crucial step toward achieving this goal. We understood the importance of preserving the building’s structural integrity while ensuring the prevention of future damp issues.

To tackle the issue, we employed a multi-step approach. First, the compromised walls were carefully hacked to remove any existing damaged material. Next, we injected a damp proof course to preserve the walls. This will effectively prevent moisture from penetrating the walls and causing further damage in future.

Once the damp proof course was in place, we applied a waterproof render to the exterior walls. This waterproofing layer acted as a barrier against moisture, ensuring that the building would remain dry and structurally sound. To provide a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish, our skilled craftsmen carried out a skimming process. This step not only enhanced the appearance of the walls but also served as an additional protective layer.

As the project neared completion, the property underwent a remarkable transformation. Not only was the building now fully protected against dampness, but it also had a revitalised appearance. The combination of the damp proof course and waterproof render ensured that the structure was fortified against moisture-related issues for years to come. Our collaboration with the charity had not only preserved the property’s structural integrity but had also contributed significantly to the charity’s mission of providing a safe and welcoming space. 

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