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Damp Proof Course & Waterproof Plastering – East Dulwich

Our client in East Dulwich approached us for a damp survey following a common yet important issue – their property lacked adequate damp proofing in an important area of the property. They were concerned about the potential damage to their home’s structural integrity and the potential of damp patches occurring on their walls. We quickly assessed the property and discussed the necessary steps to address their concerns.

To begin the damp proofing project, we initiated the process by carefully stripping the plastering from the walls and removing the skirting from the floor. This step was essential to expose the underlying issues and ensure a thorough and effective solution. Our experienced team took great care in this process to minimise disruption to the client’s home while maintaining a clean and organised work environment.

After the necessary surface preparation, we proceeded to provide a damp proof course to the affected walls. This modern damp proofing solution not only offered protection against moisture penetration but also enhanced the overall aesthetics of the room. The newly waterproof plastered walls breathed new life into the space, offering both an attractive appearance and structural safeguarding.

In conclusion, our comprehensive approach to this damp proofing project in East Dulwich not only addressed the customer’s immediate concerns but also provided long-term protection and visual appeal to their property.

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