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Chemical Damp Proof Course & Waterproof Render – Mitcham

Our project in Mitcham presented us with a customer who had been grappling with an outdated and contaminated wall in their home. This wall, left unprotected from damp, had become a source of concern for the homeowner. Not only was it an eyesore, but the potential for structural damage and the risk of contamination made it imperative to address the issue promptly.

To provide a comprehensive and long-lasting solution, our team recommended the installation of a chemical damp proof course and waterproof render. This approach was deemed the most effective in protecting the wall from further damage and preventing future damp-related issues. It involved creating a moisture-resistant barrier that would fortify the wall against water penetration.

Our skilled technicians began the project by removing the sink unit and hacking away the tiles and contaminated wall plaster. This process ensured that any compromised material was eliminated, leaving a clean and stable foundation for the upcoming work. Next, we installed a chemical damp proof course, applying it with precision to guarantee full coverage. Specialist waterproof render was then expertly applied, further enhancing the wall’s resistance to moisture. To provide a flawless finish, we skimmed the wall, leaving it with a smooth and revitalised appearance.

Upon project completion, the wall was transformed. It was not only safeguarded against dampness but also had a refreshed and revitalised look. The combination of the chemical damp proof course and the waterproof render effectively protected the wall, eliminating the risk of further damage. The homeowner was delighted with the results, knowing that their wall was now not only structurally sound but also visually pleasing. Our commitment to delivering this solution not only resolved the issue at hand but also significantly improved the overall quality and appearance of the living space.

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