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Chemical Damp Proof Course – Addiscombe

Our recent project in Addiscombe involved a customer who was facing persistent leaks on a wall from an adjacent bathroom. These leaks not only caused significant inconvenience but also raised concerns about potential structural damage and mould growth. Recognising the urgency of the situation, our team immediately conducted a thorough inspection to pinpoint the source and extent of the issue. We identified compromised waterproofing and dampness in the affected area as the root cause of the leaks.

To address the leaks, it was evident that a robust solution was required. After careful assessment, we determined that implementing a chemical damp proof course was the most effective approach. This involved treating the affected walls with specialised chemicals that create a moisture-resistant barrier, preventing water ingress and subsequent damage. It was crucial to not only rectify the existing problem but also ensure long-term protection against any potential future leaks.

With the customer’s approval, our dedicated team swiftly set to work. The project involved creating a chemical damp proof course and undertaking waterproof re-plastering and skimming to restore the affected area to its former glory. Our experienced technicians thoroughly and carefully applied the chemical treatment, ensuring even coverage and durability. Subsequently, we re-plastered and skimmed the walls to provide a seamless finish that not only looked aesthetically pleasing but also guaranteed water resistance.

Remarkably, our team completed the entire project in just two days, exceeding the customer’s expectations. Upon completion, a final inspection was conducted, and the customer was delighted to find that there were no more leaks. The combination of the chemical damp proof course and the meticulous waterproof re-plastering and skimming effectively resolved the issue. The customer was left with a restored and leak-free living space, allowing them to enjoy their home without the worry of recurring water damage. Our commitment to delivering swift, effective solutions not only fixed the problem but also provided peace of mind to our valued client in Addiscombe.

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