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Basement & Cellar Repair

Discover London Property Preservation’s expert services in Basement & Cellar Repair. Our skilled team specialises in diagnosing and fixing a range of basement and cellar issues, from simple crack repairs to comprehensive moisture control solutions. Trust us to restore the integrity and safety of your underground spaces effectively.
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Why You Need Basement & Cellar Repair

Basement and cellar repairs are critical for maintaining the structural integrity and value of your property. These lower-level areas are prone to issues such as damp, mould, and water ingress, primarily due to their subterranean location. Without timely repairs, these problems can escalate, leading to more significant damage like weakened foundations, deteriorated building materials, and poor indoor air quality. Addressing repairs promptly not only safeguards the building’s structure but also ensures a healthy, habitable environment. It’s also a matter of safety; neglected basements and cellars can lead to serious issues like wall collapses or electrical hazards. Moreover, a well-maintained and repaired basement or cellar can provide additional living or storage space, potentially increasing the property’s market value and functionality.

When You Need Basement & Cellar Repair

Identifying when your basement or cellar requires professional repair is crucial in preventing extensive damage. Key signs include visible cracks on walls or floors, which can indicate structural movement or settling. Water stains, seepage, or pooling water are clear indications of moisture problems needing immediate attention. Musty odours or visible mould and mildew growth suggest high humidity levels and poor ventilation, leading to an unhealthy environment. If doors or windows within these areas begin to stick or fail to close properly, it could be a sign of foundation shifting. Additionally, any signs of efflorescence (white, powdery deposits on walls) point to water seepage issues. It’s important to address these signs promptly with professional repairs to avoid further damage and to ensure the safety and comfort of your home.

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Why Choose Us

London Property Preservation is a local and trusted firm in the areas in and around London. With a strong passion for helping our customers combined with our great attention to detail, you can rest assured that your property is in the right hands.
Damp Solution Specialists
Our team of staff is highly knowledgeable when it comes to finding and removing dampness from your home. With many years of experience in providing damp solutions and proofing services, our team is the go-to company for any damp problems.
A Family-Run Business
London Property Preservation is a close-knit, family-run business of which we are openly proud. With open communication between the team, our services are seamless, efficient, and reliable.
Solutions That Are For The Future
At London Property Preservation, we understand that dampness can be a reoccurring issue if the root issue is not amended effectively. Our mission is to protect our customers’ homes from dampness, in the present as well as the future.

What Our Customers Say

James was very professional, kind and courteous! His expertise helped put our minds at rest regarding our enquiry. Should we require anything further in the future we will not hesitate to contact James and Co.
Cliff Tate
Cliff Tate
James arrived on time, was very thorough in his investigating and informative. We would definitely use again if need be.
PA Jones
PA Jones
We have used London Property Preservation Ltd on a couple of occasions recently and have had a very positive experience. Everyone is so helpful and polite, appointments kept and any concerns always answered immediately. The work that was carried out was done to a very good standard and the properties have been left clean and tidy at the end of the job.
Brijesh Patel
Brijesh Patel
Excellent customer service from Denise from the start to the end. Work was done to a high standard & also would like to mention surveyor James who pinned pointed the cause of damp. Thank you all.
Dilith Nanayakkara
Dilith Nanayakkara
LPP, specifically Jim, provided exceptional service, promptly resolving my damp issue. Highly recommended for their professionalism and expertise.
Richard Chapman
Richard Chapman
Must say thanks to Jim and his team for doing a fantastic job on my dry rot issue. They were always on time and very courteous. The work was of a very professional quality. Will definitely hire them again.

Our Process

The team at London Property Preservation understands that finding dampness in your home can be a worrying and distressing time. This is why we put great importance on providing a service that is efficient, simple, yet still accurate and reliable.
Get In Touch
The first step for anyone worried about dampness in their home is to get in touch with a friendly member of the team. From there, they can help you arrange a free damp survey, based on your date and time requirements.
A Specialist Will Survey & Investigate Your Home For Damp
Once the damp survey has been scheduled, one of our damp specialists will be around on the specified date to begin the investigation process. This will be as hassle-free as possible, to ensure there are minimal disruptions in your home.
A Plan For Damp Removal & Damp Proofing Will Be Put Together
After our specialist knows exactly what work needs doing and what the cause of the dampness is, they can then put together a plan. This will go through what method of damp proofing needs to be taken, as well as extra recommendations to avoid any future issues.

Kickstart Your Damp Proofing With Our Free Damp Surveys

Basement Wall Crack Repair

Cracks in basement walls are not just an eyesore; they can be a harbinger of more serious structural issues. Causes range from simple shrinkage of materials to pressure from soil or water outside. Small, hairline cracks might be a cosmetic issue, but larger cracks often indicate deeper structural problems. Repairing these cracks promptly is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your home. The repair process typically involves cleaning out the crack and injecting a suitable filler or sealant. For more significant cracks, additional reinforcement, like steel bars or carbon fibre strips, might be necessary. In cases of extensive damage or where hydrostatic pressure is a factor, more comprehensive solutions, including internal water management systems or exterior waterproofing, may be required. Ensuring a professional evaluation is crucial to address the root cause and prevent future issues.

Repair Basement Leaks from Inside

Repairing basement leaks from the inside is often a more feasible and less invasive solution than external repairs, especially when exterior access is limited or difficult. The interior repair approach generally involves identifying the leak source or the areas of water entry, which typically occurs through cracks, joints, or where the floor and wall meet. Once identified, these areas can be sealed with waterproof sealants or injections. In some cases, internal water drainage systems may be installed to effectively manage and redirect water away from the basement, usually involving the installation of a sump pump and drainage channels along the perimeter of the floor. This method is highly effective in keeping the basement dry and can be a more cost-effective and less disruptive alternative to external waterproofing. However, it’s important to ensure that the root cause of water ingress is addressed to provide a long-term solution.

Types of Damp Proofing

Basements are more prone to receiving dampness than other areas in a home, and therefore, basement waterproofing is a popular process for the team here. Rejuvenate your basement into a usable or living space by damp proofing.
Our plastering and replastering services allow your walls to be revived from dampness. There are many possible causes for dampness occurring on your walls, which is why we put such a strong focus on providing leading-quality plastering services.
We specialise in providing solutions and treatments for any wood or timber surfaces that are struggling with dampness. Utilising the latest techniques and equipment, you can rest assured that London Property Preservation will take care of your dry rot treatment requirements.
Rising damp, although rare is very important to treat sooner rather than later. This type of dampness can cause structural damage in the long run and should be looked at by professionals as soon as possible.
Basements are more prone to receiving dampness than other areas in a home, and therefore, basement waterproofing is a popular process for the team here. Rejuvenate your basement into a usable or living space by damp proofing.
Condensation is one of the biggest causes of dampness in UK homes, which is why condensation control solutions are crucial if your home is struggling with the correct levels of ventilation.

Basement Foundation Repair

The foundation is the most critical component of your home, bearing the entire weight of the structure. Repairing the basement foundation is crucial when you notice signs of distress such as cracks, both vertical and horizontal, bowing walls, and sinking floors. These issues could result from various factors including soil settlement, moisture imbalance, or inadequate drainage around the foundation. 

Repair methods vary depending on the severity and cause of the damage. Underpinning might be required to stabilise a sinking foundation, involving extending the foundation in depth or width so it rests on more supportive soil. For bowing walls, solutions like wall anchors or braces can be used to provide additional support. Waterproofing the foundation may also be essential to prevent future issues, particularly if water ingress is part of the problem. The expertise of a structural engineer might be necessary to ensure the most effective and safe repair method is selected. Timely and professional repairs not only secure the structural safety of your home but also preserve its market value.

Professional Basement and Cellar Repair

Opting for professional basement and cellar repair services offers numerous benefits. Specialists in this field bring expertise, precision, and a deep understanding of the various problems that can afflict underground spaces. Our professionals can conduct a thorough assessment, identify the root causes of issues like dampness, water ingress, or structural weakness, and then propose tailored solutions. 

Our expertise extends to using the right materials, techniques, and tools, ensuring repairs are durable and effective. This might include using the latest waterproofing systems, structural repairs, and mould remediation techniques. Our professionals can also offer advice on maintaining the health of your basement or cellar post-repair, helping to prevent future problems. Furthermore, we ensure compliance with local building regulations and standards, providing peace of mind regarding the legality and safety of the work. While DIY fixes can be tempting, our professional repairs guarantee long-term solutions, ultimately saving time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common indicators include visible cracks in walls or floors, water seepage or pooling, musty odours, mould or mildew growth, and efflorescence (white, chalky residue). If doors or windows in the area are sticking or won’t close properly, it could also signal foundation issues.
It’s recommended to conduct a thorough inspection at least once a year. Regular checks, especially after heavy rainfalls or in extreme weather conditions, can help catch issues early before they escalate into serious problems.

While minor cosmetic fixes can be a DIY project, significant repairs, especially those related to structural integrity or waterproofing, should be handled by professionals. Incorrect repairs can exacerbate problems, leading to more costly fixes later.

The duration of repair works can vary significantly depending on the issue’s severity and complexity. Simple crack sealing might take a few hours, while more extensive foundation repairs could require several days to a few weeks.
Coverage depends on your specific insurance policy and the cause of the damage. Generally, sudden and accidental damage, like that from a burst pipe, may be covered, while issues arising from neglect or natural wear and tear are often excluded. It’s always best to check with your insurance provider for clarification.

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